About Us

Campos Chemicals is focused on new technologies and approaches to creating products that are effective and healthy for the environment as well as our children. The time that is taken to create a product that is both safe and performs superior to similar products in the marketplace is a great reward for our cus­tomers, our staff, and myself.

Numerous products that we design at Campos Chemicals are designed within the guide­lines developed by the EPA through their Design for the Environment Program. This program is an outstanding initiative by the United States gov­ernment to create an environment for manufacturers to have a set of guide­lines that are agreed upon by top scientists that feel that this is a good start, but there are further milestones to reach in achieving even safer and effec­tive products.

We continue to research and review various manufacturing methods to exceed the governmental standards that are set for “green” products. It is our hope that as a user of our products that you will be pleased with the results and have peace of mind.

Campos Chemicals also develops new products and product lines for startups, mass retailers, and anyone else who may be looking for their own unique image and product. If you don’t see a product in the catalog or website, call and see if we have the product you’re looking for. We also distribute other manufacturers’ products when we see the need to compliment our line.

In this new era of environmental regulations regarding greenhouse gases, water restrictions, and water quality we are striving to develop the best products for the application. Campos Chemicals feels it is imperative to exceed the standards of environmental regulations in our business since it’s the right thing for the planet.


Thanks for choosing Campos Chemicals.


Roberto Campos

President and C.E.O.




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