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  1. Grescya  May 20, 2012

    When my sister was haivng issues potty training her girl, I remember my Mom saying, “Oh, don’t worry. She’ll be potty trained before kindergarten.” Then, I started hearing stories about kids who weren’t! My friend’s boy is in kindergarten and still poops in his pull-ups at night. Yikes. Personally, I didn’t want to wait until my boy was “ready.” Certainly, there are developmental reasons that children don’t come from the womb potty trained but I think waiting for children to want to be potty trained may be a mistake. There are lots of things that our kids may not want to do, but we teach them anyway. I was told by a supermom of 5 that the magic time for potty training is 2 years three months. So when that time came around for us, I took advantage of it. My boy was developmentally ready and so was I. My first step was making up MY mind that my boy was capable of holding his movements. Then I made sure there were several days with nothing on my calendar. I bought cotton trainers and .25 cent toys. It was warm outside so I let him play outside (nekkid) and let him see & feel what happens when he pooped or peed. (Nothing like poopy skid marks down a plastic slide… ) He made a couple of mistakes in the house that first day and we both agreed it was yuck. Like Ana above, when he did have an accident, I stuck him in the tub and he had to help clean himself… it took away from his play time and he didn’t like that. I had a little potty in the bathroom and one in the livingroom. All he wore was his cotton trainers to make sure that he didn’t have any trouble pulling off any other clothes. When he peed or pooped in his potty for the first few days, he got to pick out a toy.And that was it. No more accidents in the house after the first day. Very few accidents in his pants at all after the first day, in fact. He wore diapers at night for a while just for my peace of mind, but after I ran out of diapers we quit doing even that. I agree with one of the above posters, watch how much liquid they’re haivng at first. And above all, have your own mind made up at how you’re going to handle things; be pro-active. Let the kids know YOU are the mommy and they can trust you to help them through this.Anyway, I just have the one boy, and potty training went easy for me, so naturally, I’m an expert. That’s my advice, your mileage may vary.


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