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Campos Chemicals is focused on new technologies and approaches to creating products that are effective and healthy for the environment. Our goal to create products that are both safe and perform superior to similar products in the marketplace is an achievement for our cus­tomers, our staff, and myself.

Numerous products that we design at Campos Chemicals are designed within the guide­lines developed by the EPA through their Design for the Environment Program.

Our company has developed complete systems for the cleaning and caring of:

  •  Kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  •  Carpets
  •  Tile and stone
  •  Concrete and outdoor pavers
  •  Automobile interior and exterior surfaces

We offer our own proprietary janitorial and car care products along with custom made-to-order mixes we fill, label, package and ship for wholesale and private clients.

  •  Contract Filling/Packaging
  •  Food Service and Restroom Sanitation
  •  Odor Control
  •  Car Wash Products

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  1. Ramana  May 20, 2012

    Sorry to have come off quite that negative. It’s just that the ceimhcal I use for cleaning do not irritate my animals at all, and we also have a chihuahua and did have a collie-shepherd mix. Dogs are much more sensitive than cats to ceimhcals; our big dog as a puppy got a smell of Roundup in the air where we used to live (we are in Saskatchewan, small towns tend to be prone to wind-drift sometimes from farmers’ fields). I thought she was going to die, she was do sick throwing up and diarrhea, but the carpet shampoo did nothing to her at all.The cotton balls would end up being playthings for the cats, they love anything that remotely resembles a toy. And flowers in vases would be knocked over constantly, plus I don’t have many places I could even set them.Like I mentioned before, the herbal carpet shampoo I bought just did not get the job done, and it stunk when I was actually doing the work. Instead of taking one pass, it takes twice the shampoo and at least two passes, many times three, therefore it’s just not good business sense to use the stuff. The original shampoo takes only 1/2 as much and rarely more than a single pass, and smells nice even while working. It’s quite safe for all but the most severely sensitive people and animals to handle, even in the concentrated form.

  2. Lais  May 20, 2012

    Wow, Tina, why so negative? The auothr is just sharing some ideas. Nobody would ever suggest you get rid of your companion animals.And your carpet cleaning idea is great as long as your not adding more toxins to your indoor air. Did you know that using chemical-based carpet cleaning products can be very bad for your cats, too? You might want to read up on that so you don’t harm your furbabies 🙂 Here are some of the air-freshening ideas from the list that should be cat-proof:• use volcanic rocks to absorb the odors• get freshly cut fragrant organic flowers• dab pure organic cotton balls with orange, vanilla, lavender, or lemon extracts or essential oils and place them around the house• use organic herbal sachets • clean instead of masking the odor, use nontoxic cleaners• open the windows for real fresh air (if you’re not in a high rise with smokers on the patio above or below you, or up against a busy street, of course)• empty the garbage frequently and get rid of rotting meats and vegetables


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  1. Anety  September 11, 2012